Set your
focus on fire.

A productivity system built
to beat procrastination.

Streakscore is a new and different kind of personal productivity tool. It's built upon the powerful mechanics of planning, competition, and accountability. It works great together with your current productivity system or can replace it completely.

In Streakscore, every day has its separate todo list. If you complete all the tasks in a current day, you increase your score by one point. If you complete all the tasks the following day, it increases by one more. Your main goal in Streakscore is to get the highest score possible. The higher the Streakscore is, the less likely you are to break the chain. However, if you do not complete all the tasks the next day, your score will reset back to zero.

The other key difference between Streakscore and other tools are the built-in restrictions.

You can only edit and delete tasks from your days in the future, not for the current day or days in the past. You can add tasks for the current day, but you cannot edit or delete them.

Traditional todo apps, only help people organize their tasks. However, they don't have any mechanics in helping people get important but non-important tasks done. Because of this many people procrastinate important tasks for months.

Streaks and the built-in restrictions help overcome that. If you want to complete a task you have been procrastinating for a while, add it to tomorrow's to-do list. After midnight you are no longer able to delete it from that list. If you want to keep and increase your Streakscore, you have to complete it before midnight, otherwise, you fail.

Some might argue that you can keep your Streakscore by just checking tasks you didn't complete, but then you are actively lying to yourself and no system can help you.

You need to take the Streakscore very seriously, as it is proof that you are keeping a promise to yourself. Most people can do that, but if not, this system is not for you.

Two use cases:

1. Peter is a 30-year-old freelance developer who is struggling with an overwhelming amount of important tasks that do not get done. Simple tasks like paying bills and sending out invoices only take about 30 minutes to complete, but he finds them boring so he procrastinates. He creates tasks for "Send invoice" for tomorrow's list, and "Pay bills" on the todo list for the day after. Planning to do the task in the future is all the mental energy he has for today.

The day after he is a bit annoyed for adding the "Send invoice"-task to the list, as he still finds it boring. Especially since the task has been procrastinated for so long. But since he wants to keep the promise he made to himself and want to keep his current streak score of 10 consecutive days, he completes the task. He now feels much better, and know for sure that he will complete the task "Pay Bills" tomorrow.

2. Jane is 27 years old a CEO of a startup. Every morning she spends about 1-2 hours reading online newspapers, Reddit, and Twitter. She wants to change this, as she wants to use her fresh mind to do deep concentrated work in the mornings. She already has a working productivity system, but want to stop the annoying habit of spending too much time on online readings in the morning. She challenges herself to not do any online readings before noon every day for 7 days. She creates a 7-day repeating in Streakscore. She does not use Streakscore for other tasks, as uses another tool for that. She is a very competitive person and wants to prove to herself that she can do it every day. After achieving a 7-day task Streakscore, she no longer feels the urge to do online readings in the morning. She now wants to start running for 20 minutes every morning and add a 7-day repeating task in Streakscore.

Both Peter and Jane are real use cases from real users of Streakscore. They use Streakscore very differently, but it solves the same problem. Help you do things, you wouldn't have done otherwise. Help you be a better person.

If you think this sounds interesting, we recommend you sign up for our waiting list. If you are super eager to try out the beta, please send us an email at

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Team Streakscore